I have an announcement. Well, more of a resolution, really. Most people who know me know that I care more about my street style than my style when I’m forced to get all dolled up. C40’s lovely Kris has labeled my personal style “Mormon Glam”; he’s dead-on. Give me a great pair of boots, some jorts and a vest, and I’m all set. So, in 2010, I vow to make my street style the best it has ever been. I want to get grungy and raw and, most importantly, flawlessly put together.
With this said, I have discovered my inspiration for my 2010 resolution–Mike & Chris‘ Holiday 2010 Collection. I am BEYOND excited about this line. Seriously, it has my heart beating fast; I’m definitely “getting the feelings” for the leather, vests, cut-up jorts, zippered tanks and oversized dresses and shirts. One of the outfits I basically already have, which speaks to how much this collection seems made for me. If you love Mike & Chris’ latest as much as I do, we should hang out and start borrowing each other’s clothes. In summary, bravo, Mike & Chris–but I think your holiday collection should be renamed “The Megan”.
389 North Euclid Avenue
St Louis, MO
Images via mikeandchris.com



While I love discovering new designers, I love sharing my finds with all of you even more! Recently I came across a line—Mel en Stel—that I knew I had to feature.  Upon further investigation, I discovered this line is designed by a woman named Ilse Erikkson from Antwerp, Belgium. She launched her label, which was inspired by such findings as US canvas mail bags and WWII parachutes, in 2005. Though she has expanded the line in the last couple of years, I would love to see her clothing sold in St. Louis; the closest Mel en Stel retailer I could find is in Milwaukee, WI.
Although I have yet to see Erikkson’s SS10 line, I am loving her FW09 collection. Long hemlines and bright colors make up a majority of the collection, but tweeds and hoods are also incorporated. Uh-maze-ing. I also love how Erikkson incorporates of-the-moment geometric shapes. So hot!



When it comes to the holidays, I’m pretty much obsessed. From classic Christmas songs to basically every Christmas movie ever made (Favs= White Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life), I love this time of year! However, I am always stressed out when anybody asks me what I want for Christmas. There are few things that I absolutely need, and I’m so picky when it comes to what I want that I usually end up picking it out myself. So my favorite part of Christmas is giving presents. I love finding that perfect gift for a family member–something they didn’t think to ask for but now can’t live without. This year I’ve gone a bit overboard with the shopping, but Christmas is almost here so my credit card can take a breather. To celebrate the season, here is my wishlist. Some are a bit out of my reach for now, but that’s what a wishlist is for right? 
1. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia- A Very Sunny Christmas
always sunny
Lets be honest, Always Sunny is the greatest show on television. If you haven’t gotten obsessed yet, then you need to add all of the seasons to your wishlist. For me, I will take all of the seasons and A Very Sunny Christmas. What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a sweaty naked Danny DeVito emerging from a leather couch at an Xmas party? That’s what I thought.
2. The Samsung Instinct
Wish List- Instinct
I seriously NEED a new phone. This is more of a need than a wish, but let’s go with it. I would love an iPhone, but since I have Sprint I’ll settle with the Instinct. Also, since my current phone has stopped loading the Internet, I have been without mobile Twitter for incredibly too long. Tragic.
3. Bangs
wish list- rachel bilson bangs
Ok, this may seem like a weird thing for a Christmas wishlist.. but hear me out. I have been talking with Moira about her cutting my hair for the past 4 months and have yet to take the plunge. But when I do, I want to be dramatic. And by dramatic, I mean adding blunt bangs to my ‘do. My inspiration? Rachel Bilson, of course!
4. Range Rover
Wish List- Range Rover
Clearly, this is unattainable right now. But if we’re considering this to be more of a life wishlist then…I need to have a Range Rover sometime in the next 40 years. Write that down.
5. Leather Shorts
Wish List- leather shorts, alex wang Wish List- leather shorts, ASOS $85
I need leather shorts! Perfect for the spring with no tights underneath, and perfect for the winter when paired with tights. The first pair of Alexander Wang shorts are a bit out of my price range (over $1,000), but the second pair of ASOS leather shorts are only $85!
6. Black leather bag
Wish List- Mr. Zipalot Bag $425 bonadrag.com
This Mr. Zipalot bag from Bonadrag.com is $425, and I need to have it. Leather and a huge gold zipper? Um, yes please!
7. Black leather ankle booties
wishlist-topshop ankle boot
Are you seeing a theme with the black leather? Yeah I’m that obsessed. But after my quest for the perfect black high-heeled bootie, I found this Annie Croc Pointed Ankle Boot from TopShop. Priced at $115, it’s a must have.
8. Charlotte Ronson’s SS10 line
wishlist-charlotte2 wish list- charlotte
Self explanatory. I LOVE this line!
9. Trip to Italy
I have been wanting to go to Italy for YEARS! Milan. During Fashion Week, please!
10. Vintage clothing from IndieCult Vintage
Wish List- Indie Cult vintage wish list- ebay vintage2
My love for vintage clothing is well known. This year, I discovered how much I love eBay vintage stores–especially IndieCult Vintage! I’ll take pretty much anything on their site!



So, sometimes when I’m searching for new designers to feature on Corridor40, I stop and wonder, “How did I go through life not knowing about (insert designer name here)?!” I had such an epiphany when I came across Pepper and Pistol.
If the name isn’t enough to draw you in, the clothing definitely will–jumpsuits, sequined dresses and feminine skirts? Oh, my! The line was founded in NYC in 2006 by German natives Silvia Hillmann and Katrin Wiens. According to their website, Pepper and Pistol focuses on custom prints and feminine cuts. This is apparent in all collections, each of which Hillman and Wiens have named; FW09 was called The Fashion of Clowning, which was presented in a circus-themed lookbook; the SS10 name is titled The Great Escape. I’d escape anywhere in this collection; feminine silhouettes combined with chains and zippers, it may just be my new favorite thing for spring.