While doing some online fashion stalking the other day, as usual, I stumbled upon a very interesting website.  Though it appeared to be a fashion-forward magazine’s site, I looked deeper and found out that it is run by a group of college students at UC Berkeley.  The site,baremagazine.com, includes the newest issue of the group’s Cali fashion print magazine, as well as information about the publication. The editors take a really fresh approach; I was glad to see it wasn’t all about sundresses and swimwear.
As a recent grad, it is really refreshing to see that a college fashion magazine is able to flourish.  A covetable, colorful, quarterly glossy, those who don’t live in Cali can enjoy the mag’s content via updated posts on Bare Magazine’s online blog.  With everything from clarification on The Cut’s fashion terminology (clearly, we love anybody that blogs about jeggings) to an insider scoop on FIDM’s TV Costume Design Exhibition, Bare Magazine’s content runs the gamut. For these reasons, they have earned themselves an add into my fashion blog bookmark category, which isn’t an easy feat.
Images via baremagazine.org



Just when I think my love for Target cannot get any stronger, I find out that Rodarte will be its next GO International designer line; this is the greatest news I’ve heard since I learned I can apply for a press pass to attend the next New York Fashion Week (seriously)! Rodarte’s designers–sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy are creating a line that will be sold in my favorite store starting on December 22 (Merry Christmas to me!).
The line, according to a Target spokesperson, will be “very feminine, yet very modern. The collection incorporates a rich mix of patterns and fabrications and everything from sequins and bows to faux fur. The key with Rodarte is layering.” Um, hello? Rodarte has answered my prayers.
What’s more, the prices will stay in the $9.99 to $79.99 range. In case you’re wondering, the $79.99 piece happens to be an amazing leopard print jacket that I will die to get my hands on this winter. Thank you, Target!
Rodarte for target, chicintuition.com



I don’t fantasize about what my wedding will be like…all that much. Okay, I think about it from time to time–but it always changes with different phases of my life. As a child, I wanted a huge, Cinderella-inspired strapless gown in bright white. In high school, I thought I decided I’d rather die than not wear a Vera Wang wedding dress on my big day (I was a bit on the dramatic side). Currently, I’m in the mindset that my passion for vintage will have to be represented in my wedding dress choice. This got me wondering about my vintage wedding gown options. Though there are plenty of dresses out there that are “vintage-inspired”, those just will not do. As far as authentic vintage gowns, here is what I found out:
1. If you find a vintage dress you love, more often than not, it will not be in your size. This really doesn’t matter, though, because finding the style you love is half the battle. Go to a tailor, and make him/her your best friend.
2. Alice’s Vintage in the Loop has tons of great finds. If you’re in the St. Louis area, I’d suggest heading over thereespecially if you love looks from the ‘20s-‘50s. 
3. eBay and Etsy.com are actually great places to look. I was pretty skeptical of finding anything that I liked on either site, but I ended up discovering a lot of fabulous, wedding-worthy contenders (check the pictures below!).
4. Lace is wonderful. That is just my personal opinion, but–whenever looking for vintage wedding dresses–the lace dresses always stand out in my mind. Knowing that the lace is vintage somehow makes it that much better (don’t ask me why).
5. White isn’t the only color of vintage wedding dresses. Sure, we all know what a white dress is supposed to symbolize–but, I mean, who are you kidding? Go crazy and try something different–like beige, or even (gasp!) peach (warning: this is only for the adventurous at heart).
vintage wedding etsy.com 
vintage wedding ebay.com
vintage ebay
Images via etsy.comebay.com



Anyone who knows me really well knows that I am pretty uncomfortable in a formal gown. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to watch the red carpet pre-shows and judge what the celebs are wearingbut I have never liked getting glammed up myself (then again, I’ve never had Oscar de la Renta designing my gown, either). For my senior prom, I remember going with my friends to pick out our dresses. They all decided on giant, poufy, pink dresses that looked like beads and sequins had vomited all over them; I found mine at a bargain basement sale at Dillard’s. It was long, form-fitting and pretty f-ing fabulous considering its $5 price tag.
So, with that being said, it may seem strange for me to ever describe a formal dress as gorgeous. But, really, there are no other words for the David Meister collection; Mr. Meister is seemingly trying to make me a believer in formalwear once again. He recently launched the David Meister Signature Label, which is available at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. Spotted on celebs like Tina Fey, Drew Barrymore and Beyonce, I have seen his looks on the red carpet many times, but had never connected the gowns to their creative designer. Olivia Palermo is a fan, as well. While I dislike Olivia based on what I’ve seen of her on “The City“, I have to admit; she looked gorgeous in Meister’s light pink design.
Recently, I found an amazing, olive-colored, full-length gown that would have been the perfect prom dress for me four years ago. If I could only be 18 again…
david meister


Leopard, leopard, leopard. This glamorous animal print seems to pop up everywhere I turn. First, I have to give credit to C40 editor, Jill, whose highly-adorable leopard-print boots inspired me to write this article. Once I decided to highlight leopard as a huge trend for fall, it began popping up on everyone everywhere I looked–from Kate Moss to Miley Cyrus. Leopard is definitely a must-have look for your closet this season.
If you’re like me, you may at first be a bit hesitant to go anywhere near animal prints. I, too, once associated animal prints with old women and whores, but have since changed my tune (though I still can’t think of an excuse to ever sport zebra). Leopard is totally the new black! It is stylish whether worn as a fur coat or a dress. From shoes to hats to accessories, I suggest you add at least one leopard print item to your shopping list for fall. My recommendation? Start out with these Betsey Johnson leopard-print leggings from Urban Outfitters. I adore them!
leopard tights
leopard boots


Lately, Kansas City native and spandex rockstar Peggy Noland has been exploding in popularity. Maybe the buzz has to do with her single form of advertising–a YouTube video featuring an adult baby coming out of a birth canal, hopped up on caffeine and sporting one of Noland’s PNKC looks. Or maybe it’s the fact that she stays true to her roots; she set up shop and has thrived in Kansas City, when most other designers would have packed up and headed to a coast by now.
Her signature spandex duds have been seen everywhere, from in WWD and Nylon to on CSS’s frontwoman, LoveFoxx. Noland’s tiny shop in KC has also gotten some big attention. In the past, her store was painted like a giant hamburger (you MUST view “I Seen Beyonce at Burger King, here); today, it is entirely covered in stuffed animals (4,500 to be exact). Peggy recently expanded her empire to Berlin, where she’s opened an equally-unique second shop, which contains no door; only a front window.
Some may peg Peggy’s line PNKC “impractical fashion“, but that’s what makes it so great. Not everyone wants to fit in; I certainly don’t. If I had to guess, I would say that Peggy Noland and her PNKC line will continue to rise in popularityand I hope I‘m right; more outside-of-the-box thinking is exactly what the Midwest needs, and Peggy Noland is the perfect person to get the ball rolling.