With the weather turning cold, it’s making me miss time outside and being around nature. Although I’m an indoors type of girl, I’m starting to miss the warm weather. While I’m in this mood, it’s fitting that my newest obsession is an eco-friendly clothing company based out of LA.
The Battalion, popular among celebs like Halle Berry and Maggie Gyllenhaal, has been around since 2006. Inspired by her natural surroundings while growing up in rural Virginia, designer Linda Wong received her fashion degree from Otis College and, soon after, paired up with her sister to start their eco-conscious clothing line–The Battalion. The clothing comes primarily from bamboo, organic cotton, recycled polyester and cruelty-free silk.
Sometimes when I think of eco-friendly lines, I think about shapeless clothing with no personality or direction. But The Battalion has me reconsidering my biases; this line is anything but boring. Along with keeping a woman’s shape in mind, it stays true to the trends. On its website, The Battalion’s clothing is described as “classic, but with an edge”. I couldn’t agree more–especially when it comes to their dancewear-inspired SS10 collection. 
batt0 Batt1 Batt2 Batt3 batt4 batt5 batt6 batt7 batt8 batt9 batt10 batt11 batt13 batt14 batt15 batt16 batt17 batt18 

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