Korean brand, Kaylee Tankus, has recently grabbed my attention as the perfect brand for any fashionable girl. Started by designer Kay Lee, this line has everything a woman could want—creativity, art and a great fit. I first stumbled upon this line when I was searching for designers to feature that I hadn’t heard of before, and I honestly fell in love with this collection.
All of the SS10 preview collection has struck my attention as having a feminine edge to an Alexander Wang feel.  This line seems like it was constructed in my dreams. Minimal color—mostly whites, blacks, silvers and blues—make up the collection preview shown on October 29 in NYC. There are plenty of clean lines and classic pieces in this collection that make this line a must have. If you can’t wait for her spring collection to come out in stores (I know I can’t) feel free to buy her Fall/Winter clothing available at 80s Purple. The women’s woven half coat in gray has my name written ALL over it.
Tankus2 Tankus3  Tankus5  Tankus6 tankus8 tankus9 tankus11
tankus13 Tankus15 tankus16 tankuss17

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