Recently, I was at one of my favorite thrift stores and stumbled upon a long-sleeved, black, sequined dress with a low-dipped back. My first thought was how perfect the dress would be for New Year’s. Sure, this was planning pretty far in advance, but who cares? It will clearly be freezing in St. Louis on December 31, and there is nothing I hate more than being cold. In purchasing the fabulous, long-sleeved dress, I was not only being fashion-savvy–I was being sensible. Who likes wearing a strapless dress when the temperature is in negative digits? Not me.
A recurring trend, long-sleeved dresses are again hot for FW09. With coverage in the sleeves, hemlines that are scandalously high are somehow more acceptable (for those less willing to bare more leg, pair the look with tights or knee-highs). Check out these hot long-sleeve looks I found on topshop.com and farfetch.com.
long sleeve-topshop.comlongsleeve-topshoplong sleeve-topshop3topshop
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I stumbled upon Winifred Grace jewelry by total accident, but there was something about the style of it that instantly drew me in. After doing some further research on the line, I found out that designer Winifred Grace Gundeck runs her studio from Chicago, one of my fave cities. Born in Miami, she has always looked to nature for design inspiration–and it shows.
Launched in 2003, Winifred Grace jewelry has already been featured in such magazines as Vogue UK and Lucky. Not yet sold in Missouri, it looks like I’ll be visiting one of the line’s Chicago retailers when I go in a few weeks. I can’t wait to check out the Rhinestone Fringe Earring with Tassel; it’s my absolute favorite!
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I am smitten with vests. “Vests?” you may ask. Yes, vests. Give me one in denim, fur, leather or even a sweater vest, and I am very likely to love it. Where did my obsession begin? It all started on one fateful day in August when I headed to my local thrift store to see what goodies I could find. Not expecting to have such great luck, I stumbled upon a Bill Blass denim vest for 25 cents. Since then, this denim vest and I have gone so many places together. If I have a tank top and want to spice it up, it’s Bill Blass to the rescue. A long-sleeve top that needs an extra layer? Denim vest me, please.
So, since I got my denim vest, I’ve moved on to more scandalous looks. Next came my vintage fur vest, which I debuted at Saint Louis Fashion Week. Needless to say it was a big hit and will be making a return to the public soon. Also, I have a leather motorcycle vest that is perfect for making any outfit look a little more tough (which is necessary in so many occasions). My next logical step is to find the perfect sequined vest to add to my collection. I already have my eye on this Matthew Williamson Antique Beaded Vest. I first spotted it on Blake Lively in a “Gossip Girl” episode, and I have yet to get it out of my head. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find something similar at a vintage store for much cheaper. Let the hunt begin!
vest-matthew williamson vest-fur use thisvest-denim vest-studded vest-leather vest-sequined
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Typically when I head to the gym (which seems to be less and less lately), I am geared up in an old T-shirt and running shorts; nothing glamorous. Then, I hop on a treadmill, ready to focus on my workout, but–more often than not–I am usually distracted by the sight of at least a handful of “workout Barbies” (the name I’ve given to women who come to the gym dressed in tight spandex and a face full of make-up and, for whatever reason, never seem to break a sweat. So annoying!).
Still, in all other arenas, I’ve always been all about meshing comfort and fashion. Even when I’m dressed up to hit the town, I make sure that what I’m wearing has a pretty high level of comfort. And, when I’m lounging at home, I’m always in one of my signature, stylish (in my opinion) “granny sweatshirts” (the name the C40 crew has so lovingly given them).     
Recently, there has been an outbreak of comfortable, glamorous clothes on the runways. While some have more of a sporty edge, all maintain a balance of easiness and style. My favorite sporty-to-high-fashion looks are from Alexander Wang’s SS10 collections; it features looks that can easily be taken from day to night. What’s more? Each will leave you feeling so comfortable, you’ll be able to hit the bars all night long; no sweat!
sporty sporty2 sporty4 sporty5 sporty7 sporty8
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Moises de la Renta, son of famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, recently launched his own clothing line. While he gained experience at both his father’s company–where he interned and worked–and Phat Farm, he is now flying solo.
Although he was adopted, those unaware would swear that Moises inherited his father’s fashion genethough his designs are far less feminine and much more rock ‘n’ roll.
Moises’ line, named MDLR (after his initials), features looks ranging from leather pants to a biker jacket with removable sleeves. Intermixed with such modern looks, one can find more-traditional dresses and blazers. Most items are priced around $1,000, so I most likely won’t be giving them a shot. But, for his very first line, I must say that I’m impressed with what he’s done. What do you think?




While doing some online fashion stalking the other day, as usual, I stumbled upon a very interesting website.  Though it appeared to be a fashion-forward magazine’s site, I looked deeper and found out that it is run by a group of college students at UC Berkeley.  The site,baremagazine.com, includes the newest issue of the group’s Cali fashion print magazine, as well as information about the publication. The editors take a really fresh approach; I was glad to see it wasn’t all about sundresses and swimwear.
As a recent grad, it is really refreshing to see that a college fashion magazine is able to flourish.  A covetable, colorful, quarterly glossy, those who don’t live in Cali can enjoy the mag’s content via updated posts on Bare Magazine’s online blog.  With everything from clarification on The Cut’s fashion terminology (clearly, we love anybody that blogs about jeggings) to an insider scoop on FIDM’s TV Costume Design Exhibition, Bare Magazine’s content runs the gamut. For these reasons, they have earned themselves an add into my fashion blog bookmark category, which isn’t an easy feat.
Images via baremagazine.org