Typically when I head to the gym (which seems to be less and less lately), I am geared up in an old T-shirt and running shorts; nothing glamorous. Then, I hop on a treadmill, ready to focus on my workout, but–more often than not–I am usually distracted by the sight of at least a handful of “workout Barbies” (the name I’ve given to women who come to the gym dressed in tight spandex and a face full of make-up and, for whatever reason, never seem to break a sweat. So annoying!).
Still, in all other arenas, I’ve always been all about meshing comfort and fashion. Even when I’m dressed up to hit the town, I make sure that what I’m wearing has a pretty high level of comfort. And, when I’m lounging at home, I’m always in one of my signature, stylish (in my opinion) “granny sweatshirts” (the name the C40 crew has so lovingly given them).     
Recently, there has been an outbreak of comfortable, glamorous clothes on the runways. While some have more of a sporty edge, all maintain a balance of easiness and style. My favorite sporty-to-high-fashion looks are from Alexander Wang’s SS10 collections; it features looks that can easily be taken from day to night. What’s more? Each will leave you feeling so comfortable, you’ll be able to hit the bars all night long; no sweat!
sporty sporty2 sporty4 sporty5 sporty7 sporty8
Images via style.com

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