Moises de la Renta, son of famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, recently launched his own clothing line. While he gained experience at both his father’s company–where he interned and worked–and Phat Farm, he is now flying solo.
Although he was adopted, those unaware would swear that Moises inherited his father’s fashion genethough his designs are far less feminine and much more rock ‘n’ roll.
Moises’ line, named MDLR (after his initials), features looks ranging from leather pants to a biker jacket with removable sleeves. Intermixed with such modern looks, one can find more-traditional dresses and blazers. Most items are priced around $1,000, so I most likely won’t be giving them a shot. But, for his very first line, I must say that I’m impressed with what he’s done. What do you think?

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