I am smitten with vests. “Vests?” you may ask. Yes, vests. Give me one in denim, fur, leather or even a sweater vest, and I am very likely to love it. Where did my obsession begin? It all started on one fateful day in August when I headed to my local thrift store to see what goodies I could find. Not expecting to have such great luck, I stumbled upon a Bill Blass denim vest for 25 cents. Since then, this denim vest and I have gone so many places together. If I have a tank top and want to spice it up, it’s Bill Blass to the rescue. A long-sleeve top that needs an extra layer? Denim vest me, please.
So, since I got my denim vest, I’ve moved on to more scandalous looks. Next came my vintage fur vest, which I debuted at Saint Louis Fashion Week. Needless to say it was a big hit and will be making a return to the public soon. Also, I have a leather motorcycle vest that is perfect for making any outfit look a little more tough (which is necessary in so many occasions). My next logical step is to find the perfect sequined vest to add to my collection. I already have my eye on this Matthew Williamson Antique Beaded Vest. I first spotted it on Blake Lively in a “Gossip Girl” episode, and I have yet to get it out of my head. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find something similar at a vintage store for much cheaper. Let the hunt begin!
vest-matthew williamson vest-fur use thisvest-denim vest-studded vest-leather vest-sequined
Images via polyvore.com

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