While doing some online fashion stalking the other day, as usual, I stumbled upon a very interesting website.  Though it appeared to be a fashion-forward magazine’s site, I looked deeper and found out that it is run by a group of college students at UC Berkeley.  The site,baremagazine.com, includes the newest issue of the group’s Cali fashion print magazine, as well as information about the publication. The editors take a really fresh approach; I was glad to see it wasn’t all about sundresses and swimwear.
As a recent grad, it is really refreshing to see that a college fashion magazine is able to flourish.  A covetable, colorful, quarterly glossy, those who don’t live in Cali can enjoy the mag’s content via updated posts on Bare Magazine’s online blog.  With everything from clarification on The Cut’s fashion terminology (clearly, we love anybody that blogs about jeggings) to an insider scoop on FIDM’s TV Costume Design Exhibition, Bare Magazine’s content runs the gamut. For these reasons, they have earned themselves an add into my fashion blog bookmark category, which isn’t an easy feat.
Images via baremagazine.org

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