Lately, Kansas City native and spandex rockstar Peggy Noland has been exploding in popularity. Maybe the buzz has to do with her single form of advertising–a YouTube video featuring an adult baby coming out of a birth canal, hopped up on caffeine and sporting one of Noland’s PNKC looks. Or maybe it’s the fact that she stays true to her roots; she set up shop and has thrived in Kansas City, when most other designers would have packed up and headed to a coast by now.
Her signature spandex duds have been seen everywhere, from in WWD and Nylon to on CSS’s frontwoman, LoveFoxx. Noland’s tiny shop in KC has also gotten some big attention. In the past, her store was painted like a giant hamburger (you MUST view “I Seen Beyonce at Burger King, here); today, it is entirely covered in stuffed animals (4,500 to be exact). Peggy recently expanded her empire to Berlin, where she’s opened an equally-unique second shop, which contains no door; only a front window.
Some may peg Peggy’s line PNKC “impractical fashion“, but that’s what makes it so great. Not everyone wants to fit in; I certainly don’t. If I had to guess, I would say that Peggy Noland and her PNKC line will continue to rise in popularityand I hope I‘m right; more outside-of-the-box thinking is exactly what the Midwest needs, and Peggy Noland is the perfect person to get the ball rolling.

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