I don’t fantasize about what my wedding will be like…all that much. Okay, I think about it from time to time–but it always changes with different phases of my life. As a child, I wanted a huge, Cinderella-inspired strapless gown in bright white. In high school, I thought I decided I’d rather die than not wear a Vera Wang wedding dress on my big day (I was a bit on the dramatic side). Currently, I’m in the mindset that my passion for vintage will have to be represented in my wedding dress choice. This got me wondering about my vintage wedding gown options. Though there are plenty of dresses out there that are “vintage-inspired”, those just will not do. As far as authentic vintage gowns, here is what I found out:
1. If you find a vintage dress you love, more often than not, it will not be in your size. This really doesn’t matter, though, because finding the style you love is half the battle. Go to a tailor, and make him/her your best friend.
2. Alice’s Vintage in the Loop has tons of great finds. If you’re in the St. Louis area, I’d suggest heading over thereespecially if you love looks from the ‘20s-‘50s. 
3. eBay and Etsy.com are actually great places to look. I was pretty skeptical of finding anything that I liked on either site, but I ended up discovering a lot of fabulous, wedding-worthy contenders (check the pictures below!).
4. Lace is wonderful. That is just my personal opinion, but–whenever looking for vintage wedding dresses–the lace dresses always stand out in my mind. Knowing that the lace is vintage somehow makes it that much better (don’t ask me why).
5. White isn’t the only color of vintage wedding dresses. Sure, we all know what a white dress is supposed to symbolize–but, I mean, who are you kidding? Go crazy and try something different–like beige, or even (gasp!) peach (warning: this is only for the adventurous at heart).
vintage wedding etsy.com 
vintage wedding ebay.com
vintage ebay
Images via etsy.comebay.com

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