Back when I was in college (last year), my sorority would throw a prohibition party every year. It was always my favorite shindig because of the outfits we would wear. While most of the girls would run to the nearest costume shop to rent their flapper look, I always wanted to find something that I could wear again (really, why invest $50 in a dress you only get to own for one night?). One year, I found an adorable Go International by Target ruffle dress in light pink to wear instead and it was only $39! To complete the look, I paired it with some gray leggings and a sequined headband.
Now that I see all of the flapper trends on the runway, I wonder if I can start incorporating this look into my day-to-day wardrobe again. I probably wouldn’t wear it with a sequined headband, but maybe a big floral headband instead (as seen on this party girl in a pic I found on style.com). Or maybe putting a cardigan over the dress would make it a bit more subtle. Either way, check out some of these flapper looks and see if you can work them into your wardrobe!
085m  080m
Images via style.com

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