Summer is here in full force, so you know what that means: concerts, BBQs and lots of heat (and humidity, for all of us St. Louisans). But what I love best about barbeques, other than the potato salad, is the sundresses I get to wear to them. Sundresses have been an essential part of my summer wardrobe ever since I decided I hated to wear pants (this occurred several years ago). 
Summer dresses are versatile and comfortable, and it’s so easy to look good in them. All you have to do is slip on a dress and some cute sandals, and you’ll look instantly chic. Sundresses come in all styles, price ranges and colors, so you can pick whatever look most feels “you”. 
Here are some looks that are adorable and, as they work for day or night, they‘re wallet-friendly, too! Let me know what looks are your favorite for the summer.
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Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Floral Minidress- $58.00 and Kimchi Blue Colorblock Navajo Dress- 68.00

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