This summer, the hottest looks are earth-friendly, too (which, to me, is something that is always in style)! Luckily for us Mother Earth-loving hippies, it’s getting easier to find eco-friendly pieces to work into our wardrobes. One item that can be both chic and good for the environment is a summer tote. Many designers are coming out with versions of this must-have beach accessory.
One such line, Beau Soliel USA, is currently being carried at Byrd. These totes are made out of 100% recycled material and, since they are priced under $50, you have no excuse to pass them up. What‘s more, they have been spotted in numerous fashion magazines, and even Oprah herself loves them. This reminds me of a timeless saying: “What Oprah loves, we must buy.” And, honestly, who can argue with that?

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