I love fashion shows. In my opinion, being backstage during a show kicks way more ass than just seeing it from the audience. There is something so exciting about hearing the music pumping, making sure all of the models are ready, keeping the timing right and getting the outfits changed out in just enough time. It is like a fine-tuned instrument, and the adrenaline is like a high. As you can tell, I have an obsession.
So, you shouldn’t be surprised that I jumped at the chance to find out what happens backstage at a hair show. Volume II, an event put on by ALIVE Magazine to benefit Siteman Cancer Center, showcased the best of the local salon and beauty industry, including hair styled by Rusk and Sexy Hair Concepts. I was excited to see what all of it was about, since I had never even heard of a hair show before. Backstage, there were models getting their hair and makeup done, and even a few practicing their runway walks. I found one model, Andrew Colvin, practicing his runway stance and proudly showing off the blue streak in his hair (which matched his nail polish). There was a lot of energy prior to the show, but this was nothing compared to what followed.
big hair
I stood in the DJ booth to watch the show, and at first it was exactly what I had expected. The models came out in their amazing Michael Drummond and TRIM outfits and rocked the runway. Then, out of nowhere, the music changed and things got crazy.  Hair was flying everywhere as the Sexy Hair crew took three hair models and changed their looks drastically onstage. I have never found hair cuts to be extremely thrilling, but this actually caught my attention. In the end, one male model had ripped off his shirt, two female models had completely different haircuts and the crowd was drunk and ready to party. I left, realizing that maybe fashion is more my thing, but hair shows are definitely something worth seeing at least once.
big sexy hair
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  1. where and who holds the copy right to this image i would like 2 use it

  2. Hi, this is my drawing you're using, I know you probably found it on photobucket so it's not you're fault, but could you credit me with my name or my link to my art website: vive-le-rock.deviantart.com ? Thanks :)