When online shopping, I usually go to the same stores’ websites every single time. These are, more often than not, stores that don’t have locations in St. Louis. But, one day, I started to think, “What would happen if I were to leave St. Louis and couldn’t visit all of the unique boutiques my hometown has to offer?
I searched for websites of boutiques in St. Louis that offer organized, up-to-date and purchasable merchandise. My favorite for information on new trends has to be that of Byrd Style Lounge. This website, equipped with a frequently-updated blog, gives information on newly-stocked merchandise, and added recently what wallet-friendly outfits are available. But, there is something that is missing: the ability to buy the clothes from the comfort of my bed. It is great to see all of the new things that Byrd carries, but I am required to go to the store in order to purchase them. I need a St. Louis shop that will let me do some good, old-fashioned online buying. Enter: Mezzanine boutique.
Shopmezzanine.com is the perfect website for browsing merchandise and buying online.  The menu allows shoppers to view everything, from sales and clearances to tops and sweaters, all the way down to apothecary and handbags. By clicking on these options, you are taken to thumbnail views of the looks, each with its price listed directly below. By clicking on the piece you want, you are taken to a screen where you can select how many you want to purchase and in what size. Then just add it to your cart. So easy!  Mezzanine has shown me that, no matter how far I travel from St. Louis, I can stay loyal to our fabulous boutiques.
mez- Marcia Moran Amazonite Multi Squares Ring- $164.50      mez-report signature ellis pump nude $129.50
Ring: Marcia Moran Amazonite Multi Squares Ring $164.50
Shoes: Report Signature Ellis pump nude $129.50

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