One trend that is making a comeback, even though its first hoorah is still fresh in my mind, is the one-shoulder shirt.  This asymmetrical look has always had a good rep for making women’s necklines look slender and emphasizing the ever-so-sexy collarbone.  It calls to mind a time when I was in middle school and my sister came back from Paris wearing a tight, black, one-shoulder, long-sleeved shirt.  I told her how ridiculous it looked, but she assured me that Paris’ fashions were ahead of America’s and that, in time, the trend would catch on.  She was right; later that year, one-shoulder shirts were everywhere. 
With the trend making the rounds again, I think I’ll be less hesitant to give it a try.  There are some pretty hot one-sleeve looks that were recently revealed on the runways; I’m interested to see how people will take the look to the streets this season.
As for me, I’m hoping that buying a one-shoulder top will not revert me back to my middle school days, during which I tried one-shoulder looks in everything–including an awful black-and-white tankini (yes, I wore a tankini!) that, needless to say, made me look neither Parisian nor fashion-forward. 
To play it safe, I’m going to start out slow; I’ll bring out my sister’s shirt from Paris, see how it is accepted and then go from there.  Maybe someday I’ll work up the courage to rock a look like these one-shoulder looks by Michael Kors and Chloe.  I love.
mk one shoulder-chloe-style.com
Images via style.com

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