Fur is big for fall, and it got me thinking about why I have such a fear of adding fur to my own fall/winter wardrobe. Sure, there’s the PETA-spare-the-animals argument, but I enjoy a good steak and I kill flies often–so that’s not my problem.  I think fur, done right, can look luxurious and glamorous.  But, if done wrong, one could find themselves looking like a cheap-rate hooker. 
Older, wealthy women can almost always pull off the fur look; I envy that.  However, younger women need to be more careful when attempting the trend.  My advice would be to start small; adding small pieces will help you to slowly work your way up to the mack daddy of fur—the fur coat.  Fur coats come in all colors, shapes and sizes—fake and real. My favorites from this season come fromHermesPucci and Fendi. The Pucci one in particular is so hot with those thigh-high boots.
It is my dream to own a white fur coat like one I saw a girl wearing last winter in New York; I’m not sure I’ll be able to work it until I make my first million, but a girl can dream. I think any of the fur runway looks can be taken to the streets fairly easily.  My only advice is that you don’t wear a fur coat early in the morning in last night’s makeup while doing the walk of shame–or you might be mistaken for a prostitute.  And, believe me, nobody likes to feel like a prostitute. 
fur1 fur3 fur2

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