Oh, v-necks. As I sit here writing this entry I am sporting one myself. Back in the day, I used to think that v-neck t-shirts were only for old men as undershirts. However, I have since realized that v-neck tees are perfect for every occasion. They can be simple and casual when paired with jeans or shorts, or they can be dressed up when sported with a high-waisted skirt or dress pants with heels.                      
I really love vintage-inspired v’s, or the tees that are very thin and flowy. V-necks should never be worn skin-tight, in my opinion, but the v can dip as low as you pleaseso the look can still be scandalously sexy. Many celebs have been spotted wearing this look, and have done so flawlessly. I especially love Mary-Kate Olsen in this high-waisted skirt, paired with a white tee.       
Also, don’t forget that this look doesn’t have to be done in white. V-necks come in many styles and colors; I really love when they have a little pocket on their left. And don’t go light on the jewelry. Just because this is a somewhat casual look, you can do anything from vintage necklaces to oversized rings. So, whether you go for the $500 designer v-neck or the $8 5-pack of Hanes, just knowing how to wear it makes all the difference.
mary-kate_olsen, LnA white tee $60
Image via stylenews.com

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