I’ve decided to make it my mission to produce a list of the Top 3 vintage stores that can be found in St. Louis. This task proved to be much harder than I had first expected, since there are some pretty fantastic vintage shops all over the Lou. So, I dragged my friend Jaclyn along to help scour the city in search of the best of the best, and (drumroll..) here is my third-place pick. (Check back for the second- and first-place winners in upcoming posts!)
Retro 101
The reasons I love Retro 101 are numerous. As soon as you walk in, there is such a fun vibe to the store (not to mention Chelsea Lately playing on the TV by the front counter).  Although a bit cluttered, there is good reason to rummage. At the front, I found some amazing old photographs that reminded me of my grandma’s old photo albums (weird uncles included). Then, Jaclyn stumbled across some stellar old postcards; her favorite was one from 1958 that a woman had sent from Hollywood to her friend in St. Louis.  Too cute. Moving to the clothing section of the store, I stumbled upon old board games, including one called Fart The Game. Interesting… Then I was on to the clothing section, which was my favorite part, as expected. I found a crazy ’80s surfer sweatshirt that I tried desperately hard to find a reason to buy. I couldn’t, though. Then I stumbled upon their sequined top collection, which was super sweet. I found a to-die-for sequined tank for only $45. They also had some cute sundresses. I give Retro 101 major props for A. having that great vintage smell when you walk in so you really feel like you’re in an authentic vintage shop and B. the worker there, who gave me some relationship advice on my way out. I would definitely recommend this vintage store to everybody.
retro 101     sequin lulusvintage.typepad.com
Photos courtesy of lulusvintage.typepad.com
Retro 101 2303 Cherokee St, 314-762-9722

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