When chatting with my friends in NYC, talk always turns to the one thing I love to rub in their faces–the fact that Target stores are so prevalent in the Midwest. While New Yorkers have to (gasp!) travel out of Manhattan to find a Target, most of us St. Louisans have one just a short car ride away. I am personally obsessed with Target, especially because of the designer lines they sell under the GO International label. So, while researching the store’s future designer collaborations, you can imagine my shock and then insta-excitement when I discovered that Anna Sui was designing a “Gossip Girl“-inspired line for Target. The line comes out everywhere on September 13th and will be available through October 17th. There are 19 looks in all–in the styles of Blair, Serena, Vanessa and Jenny.  
Glancing through the lookbook, I was much more impressed with the Serena and Blair looks than the Vanessa and Jenny pieces (which makes sense because I don’t like Jenny and Vanessa on the show). I was somewhat sad to see that the Serena dresses aren’t nearly as scandalous or fashionable as what she wears on the show. However, the color scheme of black and silver are definitely more appealing than the Vanessa looks, which are all in orange and brown; 2 colors I won’t be combining this fall. The Jenny looks are just weird, with odd dresses and misshapen tops; not really my style.
The Serena-inspired pieces have a rougher edge (as does her last season’s character) and plenty of black and studs to go around; way more up my alley for fall.  Also, surprisingly, I am loving the Blair looks. They aren’t nearly as preppy as her looks on the show, and I can definitely see myself in some of them for the fall. One look featuring lace and bows looks like the ideal Blair outfit, which got me to thinking that it might be the perfect look for me for Halloween. The official Anna Sui for Target commercial will air during the season premiere of “Gossip Girl” on September 14th.
anna sui for target
Image via collegefashion.net

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